Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer: MVA Guidelines on Revoked Driver’s Licenses

            The point system used by MVA in Maryland is confusing for everyone.  It is important to know of the important point thresholds and how they affect your Maryland driver’s license. 

If you accumulate 3-4 points, MVA will send you a warning letter to notify you of the point accumulation. 

If you receive between 5-7 points, driver improvement classes will be required. 

Once you accumulate between 8-11 points, your license is suspended.  This can happen either from an accumulation of points based on several driving offenses, or it can result from an alcohol or drug violation while driving. 

Once you have 12 or more points, your license is revoked.  In order to have your driving privileges reinstated, you must wait a certain amount of time depending on your case.  For a first revocation, there is a 6 month waiting period.  However, with 4 or more revocations on your driving record, there is a 2 year waiting period.  This waiting period begins the day that you turn in your driver’s license to MVA. 

Once the waiting period has finished, you may apply for reinstatement with MVA’s Driver Wellness and Safety Division.  Once MVA has made a determination for your license, you will be notified whether it has been granted or denied.

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