Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Maryland DUI Attorney: The Fight for Stronger DUI Laws in the State Continues to Heat Up

           In 2009, a Maryland woman drove her car with a BAC of 0.20 (more than double the legal limit), hit and killed two innocent people, and fled the scene.  A plea deal was reached in the case, in which she would spend, at most, 20 years in prison.  A Montgomery County Judge sentenced her to 10 years.  Since Maryland allows “nonviolent” criminals to become eligible for parole after serving 25% of their sentence, the criminal in this case was released in 2013.  The Maryland Parole Commission saw that she was remorseful and took responsibility for the crime.
           Since being released, she lived in Annapolis and worked a full-time job.  In addition, her vehicle had an ignition interlock device installed on her car.  In July 2015, the device registered three failed attempts due to alcohol.  Initially, she blamed the failed attempts on Altoids mints, but later rescinded that defense.  Luckily, the interlock device would not allow her car to be driven if she truly was trying to drive under the influence of alcohol.
           After returning to a court room today, A Montgomery County Judge ordered her to be held for 90 days while he determines an appropriate sentence for violating her parole.  Her attorneys are arguing for her to be sentenced to receive alcohol treatment, whereas the prosecutor is arguing for more jail time.
           The debate on whether to strengthen Maryland’s DUI laws continues to pick up steam.  Many proponents of increasing consequences of DUI would like to require an ignition interlock device be installed in the vehicle of anyone convicted for a DUI with a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08.  Currently, an interlock device is only required for those offenders with a BAC of more than 0.15.  Interlock devices are proven to work—they stop people with alcohol in their system from driving their car.  At least 3,800 people have been prevented from driving because of an interlock device in Maryland.

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