Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Man Posing as a Police Officer Pulls Driver Over for DWI

            On July 4, a tall white man with brown hair and a mustache pulled over a vehicle and accused the driver for driving while impaired (DWI).  This fake Anne Arundel County police officer was driving a white Ford Crown Victoria with flashing red and blue lights, a police package spotlight, and a decal on the driver’s door that read “Police.”  This man identified himself as an Anne Arundel County police officer.  This “officer” had the driver blow into a breathalyzer device and had the driver walk in a straight line.  The “officer” then told the driver she was free to go, and then he sped off northbound on Route 97.  Police are still looking for this man impersonating a police officer.  Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to come forward to police.
         Last year, there were several people impersonating police officers in Maryland.  In 2015, there have not been as many people impersonating police officers in Maryland.  Someone who is caught impersonating an officer could face jail time and/or a substantial fine.
        If you are driving in the Anne Arundel County area be cautious and vigilant if you are pulled over by a police officer in an unmarked car.  Always check to make sure the police officer has proper identification if you are pulled over.

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