Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DUI Driver Hits and Kills Woman Changing Tire on the Side of Suitland Parkway

           Overnight, a drunk driver in a pick-up truck sideswiped a woman who was on the side of the road changing a tire.  The drunk driver kept driving after hitting the woman and then plowed into another car down the parkway.  This incident occurred on Suitland Parkway near Stanton Road at the Maryland/Washington, D.C. border.  Sadly, the woman who was changing her tire did not survive the accident.  The driver who was also hit by the drunk driver in the pick-up truck was not seriously injured.  The condition of the drunk driver is unknown, but he was arrested and charged with second degree murder, DUI, and leaving the scene of an accident.
           Drunk driving never results in a good outcome for anyone.  Unfortunately, oftentimes it is an innocent person that is seriously injured or killed as a result of somebody making an irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking.  Even though many drivers believe they are safe on the side of the road, they are still at risk for being hit by another driver, especially if you are pulled over on the side of a highway.  When cars are travelling at high speeds on a highway, it is much easier for someone to lose control of their vehicle.  If you must pull onto the shoulder, it is always recommended to put your hazards on as well as your lights so that you are visible to other drivers.  In addition, if you must step outside of your vehicle, you should have some kind of safety vest or something to alert passing drivers that a person is standing on the side of the road.  There is likely nothing the driver who was changing her tire could have done to prevent being hit by a drunk driver because a person’s coordination is significantly compromised by the alcohol and the driver likely would have never seen the hazard lights or reflective safety vest worn by the woman.

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