Thursday, July 9, 2015

UMD, College Park Can Sell Alcohol at Sporting Events Starting in the Fall

            Recently, the University of Maryland, College Park approved a one year trial for selling alcohol at events at Byrd Stadium and the Xfinity Center.  Last night, the Prince George’s County Liquor Board approved a plan to allow alcohol to be sold at events held at the school’s football stadium and basketball arena.  For this trial period, only beer will be sold at events, but if it is successful, wine could be added for sale as well.
           The University hopes this new plan will provide extra revenue for the school to use on student services and that it will help curb binge drinking at sporting events.  For example, West Virginia University has sold alcohol at football games since 2011 and has profited over $2 million, and alcohol-related incidents have decreased since selling alcohol began.  When sales begin in the fall at football games, there will be a one drink per transaction rule in place.  In addition, alcohol will not be sold near student sections and scanning devices will be used to check IDs so as to avoid underage students from obtaining alcohol.  Another safety measure the school is working on is a designated driver program to curb any DUI incidents.  With beer being sold at football games in the fall and basketball games in the winter, everyone needs to be reminded of the severe consequences of drinking and driving.  Maryland police will be increasing DUI patrols after sporting events in College Park to curb the number of drunk drivers on the roads in the area.
           Driving drunk is never an option no matter the situation.  If you are driving and plan to drink alcohol, you must make a plan for getting home safely without driving yourself.  It is always good to arrange for having a designated driver if you plan on drinking at UMD sporting events.  If that is not feasible, services such as Uber and Lyft are readily available and very easy to use.  And if those services are not feasible either, a taxi is always another safe option when you are drunk and cannot drive.

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