Friday, August 28, 2015

Maryland DUI Crash Victim Looks to Strengthen DUI Laws in the State

           A Hagerstown, Maryland man, Gary Clever, was a passenger in his daughter’s car one year ago when a drunk driver slammed into their car on Sterling Road.  Everyone in the vehicle was injured, but Gary suffered the worst.  Immediately after the accident, it was believed by many that he was paralyzed.  Sadly, he was indeed paralyzed from chest down with spinal injuries, staying in shock trauma for over two months and a rehabilitation hospital for 11 weeks.  Gary’s insurance stopped paying for the rehab treatment, and now he uses a therapy bike every day to continue improving.  Now, he has slowly regained movement in the paralyzed areas.
          As a result of everything Gary has gone through since the horrific accident, he and his wife, Deanna, have been trying to raise awareness about the state’s unfair drunk driving laws.  Their goal is to have Maryland lawmakers make DUI laws tougher for offenders.  For example, the man involved in this crash had already pleaded guilty to two DUI charges in 2004, yet he was still allowed to drive on Maryland’s roadways.  Current Maryland law requires minimum insurance coverage of $30,000 if you have a previous DUI charge.  That amount of money does not come close to covering medical bills and other expenses related to injuries sustained in a DUI car accident.  Gary believes DUI offenders should face higher financial penalties and be forced to carry more insurance if allowed to get back on the road again.  Fortunately, Gary should be allowed to return home in a month.  It will certainly be interesting to see what happens when Maryland’s legislators return back for Session in January 2016.  If any progress is made concerning DUI legislation, we will surely keep everyone updated.

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