Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Maryland Drunk Driver Hits Police Car Injuring Officer

            Monday night, a police officer was parked on the side of the road after pulling over another vehicle.  While the officer was sitting in his police vehicle, a Toyota 4 Runner came crashing into the back of the police car on Matchbox Alley, which then hit the car in front of it.  Initial investigations revealed that the driver of the 4 Runner was driving under the influence of alcohol.  The police officer and the drunk driver were both transported to the hospital with minor injuries.  Charges are now pending against the drunk driver as police finish conducting their investigation of the accident.
           Every day Marylanders are driving drunk on roadways and highways statewide.  In fact, a recent study showed that every 30 minutes, a drunk driver is being arrested in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, which includes Maryland.  There are far too many people on the roads driving drunk for police officers to be able to arrest every single one of them.  Drivers must make smart decisions when they are drinking, but those two things do not work well together.  All it takes is one DUI arrest to potentially cause you to face significant consequences and penalties.  Just make the smart decision if you are drinking and need a ride home to call an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi.  The risks of choosing to drive drunk far outweigh the benefits.  A drunk driver not only puts their own life in danger, but more importantly, he or she puts the lives of innocent people in danger too.

If you have been arrested for a DUI/DWI it is important that you consult an experienced Maryland DUI attorney immediately because DUI is a criminal offense and carries potentially severe penalties.  An experienced attorney can guide you through the court process and find any possible defenses that can either mitigate the penalties in the case, or in some instances, lead to an acquittal or dismissal.

If you or a family member has been charged with DUI in Maryland and would like a free legal consultation or if you would like more information on DUI or DWI please feel free to contact our office at (301) 854-9000 to schedule an appointment at our office in Columbia or one of our many other offices located throughout Maryland or visit us on the web at http://www.portnerandshure.com/Criminal-Defense/DWI-DUI/

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