Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How Does the Ignition Interlock Process Work?

Recently, in Maryland, stricter penalties were put in place for anyone charged with a DUI. One of the biggest changes involves the required use of an ignition interlock device for first-time offenders. Understanding how the device works and how one gets the device installed in their vehicle can be a bit confusing. Here is some important information about the interlock device:

  • If you refuse the breathalyzer test or take the breath test and your results are 0.08 or more, you can elect to participate in the interlock program instead of taking a suspension 
  • If you refuse the test or blow over 0.15, you are very limited in your options if you must continue driving--you must elect to participate in the interlock program because there is no other way to get a restricted license to be able to drive
  • If you refused the test or blew over 0.15 and elect to participate in the interlock program, the device is required to be installed for one year. If you blew at least 0.08, but less than 0.15, the device is required to be installed for six months
  • Within 30 days of your DUI arrest, you must return the ignition interlock form to confirm your participation in the program. Failure to do so will eliminate your ability to have an interlock device installed in your vehicle
  • After returning the interlock form, you will contact one of the MVA approved interlock service providers (i.e. Life Safer, Smart Start, Guardian Interlock Services) to set up an installation appointment. You must bring your order of suspension that was given to you by the officer to the interlock provider.
  • After the device is installed, the interlock provider will give you a document that you must take to the MVA in order to get your restricted driver's license
  • After your six month or one year period is up, depending on your breath test results, you will then return to your interlock provider to have the device removed. Then, you will return to the MVA to exchange your restricted license for your normal license
As you can see, the process for obtaining and maintaining an interlock device is complex. Don't miss out on your opportunity to continue driving for work or school with an interlock device and hire an experienced DUI attorney in Maryland to handle your case.

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