Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Litigation News September 2016

This month, our attorneys achieved an outstanding result in a DUI trial in Montgomery County. Our client was charged with DUI(a)(1) and DUI(b)(1), failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to obey a properly placed traffic control device.  The State's initial officer was to plead to a DWI and failure to stop at a stop sign, and there was no opposition to a PBJ.  The Prosecutor insisted that our client should get a point on his license for the stop sign.  The State's best evidence against our client was his admission that he had alcohol prior to driving, which was made through a Korean officer interpreting to the arresting officer.  The State did not produce the Korean officer for trial, which our attorney, Ms. Ruhl, insisted on before agreeing to a plea.  The State was forced to nol pros the drinking charges and our client walked away with a simple stop sign violation.  Our client will have the DUI charges expunged from his record.   

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