Thursday, May 5, 2016

Maryland DUI Attorney: Driving Within 12 Hours of a DUI Arrest is Against the Law

               In Maryland, there is a law related to DUI/DWI arrests that is often forgotten.  In many cases, people had no idea that a law existed that forbid them from driving within 12 hours of a DUI/DWI arrest.  In a majority of drunk driving cases, the arrests are made late at night or early in the morning.  After the DUI/DWI arrest, many people want to figure out how to protect themselves from facing serious consequences associated with drunk driving.  Driving to the police station to find out more information about their case, driving to the courthouse, or driving to an attorneys office are all places that many people will think to go after being arrested for DUI/DWI.  That is a mistake.

              Yes, it is important to take action quickly after a DUI/DWI arrest.  However, you will risk getting another DUI/DWI-related arrest by driving within 12 hours of your arrest.  This law is in place for safety reasons because if you are arrested for a DUI with a BAC of 0.14 early in the morning, then you go home and go to sleep, and then wake up and try to find an attorney for your case, it is likely that there is still alcohol in your system.  Have somebody else drive you around, or wait until later in the day when the alcohol has been completely absorbed.

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