Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Maryland DUI Attorney: DUI Arrests for 2015 Show Dramatic Increase Compared to 2014

             Maryland’s DUI laws have been a hotly contested topic recently, especially after high-profile DUI-related deaths.  Many believe that Maryland’s drunk driving laws are not strict enough.  There are 25 states that require an interlock device to be installed for all DUI offenders; Maryland is not one of these states.  In 2014, there were 450 DUI arrests, and in 2015, that number jumped to over 550.  With hopes that 2016 will not continue the trend, we are not off to a good start so far, with close to 100 arrests. 

The reason so many officials are hoping lawmakers will change Maryland’s DUI laws to require an interlock device for every DUI offender is because statistics show fatalities are cut almost in half.  According to MADD officials, the interlock device reduces fatalities up to 46.7%.

If the number of DUI arrests and fatalities continue at the pace they are already at so far this year, lawmakers will have no choice but to change the law.  All indications show that this will likely happen, but it impossible to predict when lawmakers will finally make the change. 

Even as the law stands right now, DUI and DWI charges are still very serious and carry serious consequences.  It is very important to hire an experienced DUI attorney to help you defend against these charges.

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