Monday, November 2, 2015

Devastating Deadly 3-Car Crash in Pasadena Halloween Night

           Saturday night, around 10:30pm, three cars in the area of Solley Road and Chestnut Springs Lane were involved in a fatal collision.  One car was heading south on Solley Road at an excessive speed, and as the driver made the turn around a sharp curve, they crossed over the center line.  Another car was driving north on Solley Road, and was struck head-on by the first car.  The first car flipped over as a result of the force of the crash.  A third car, which was travelling behind the second car, was sideswiped by the speeding first car and ended up hitting a tree.  The drivers of the first two vehicles were sadly killed instantly on impact.  A total of eight passengers between the three vehicles were seriously injured.  One passenger in the first car and four passengers in the second car were all taken to shock trauma.
           During investigations, police detected an odor of alcohol at the scene, but do not yet know the exact role it played in the accident.  It is likely that one of the drivers was under the influence of alcohol, and that, combined with speeding, likely contributed to the accident.  The second and third cars were filled with teenagers, aged 17-21.  If autopsy reports of the two drivers reveal alcohol in their system, it is a shame that two people had to lose their lives and eight others had to suffer extremely serious injuries because one person made the decision to drive drunk.

Drunk driving related deaths are the worst kind of accident-related death because someone makes an irresponsible decision to drive drunk and then an innocent life is taken away because of that.   Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is devastating for any family, especially when it could have been prevented.  No amount of money will ever replace losing that person.  In a wrongful death case, the law allows for surviving estates to collect a financial recovery when a negligent party is held liable for the cause of the death.  Compensation for damages can include: loss of services, loss of future income, mental anguish, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and punitive damages.

            If you or a family member has been injured or killed in an accident caused by the fault or negligence of a drunk driver and would like to consult an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney for free, contact us at (301) 854-9000 to schedule an appointment at one of our office locations in Glen Burnie or throughout Maryland or visit us online at

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