Monday, May 1, 2017

What to do if you are Charged with DUI while on Vacation in Ocean City

Every year, thousands of Marylanders and people from other states head to Ocean City for a beach vacation. And inevitably, some of these visitors make the decision to drive drunk and they are subsequently arrested for a DUI. The summer months in Ocean City are the busiest times at the beach and that means the police presence is at its peak. Ocean City Police officers monitor Coastal Highway at all hours of the day looking for drunk drivers.

If you are caught by police driving drunk in Ocean City, you should take it very seriously because there are strict penalties that you will face. Being charged with a serious crime like DUI in a location far from your home is very inconvenient and can cause a lot more problems than just a headache. Depending on the facts of your specific case, you could be facing jail time. Judges in Ocean City courts see vacationers come before them in the court room frequently and they usually do not look favorably on an out-of-towner committed a serious offense.

If you've been charged with a DUI in Ocean City while on vacation, call the TOP 10 DUI lawyers at Portner & Shure. We are a local law firm that not only has an office in Ocean City to meet with clients, but we have offices throughout Maryland. You should have an aggressive defense attorney fighting for you in court in order to limit the most severe consequences.

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