Friday, March 31, 2017

Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras are Returning in Baltimore

Beware, red light cameras and speed cameras will soon be functioning again in Baltimore City. It has been about 4 years since these cameras were in use due to numerous improperly issued tickets to drivers. While many of these camera devices have remained in place during this period of inactivity, it will be easy for officials to make them active again. Officials assure drivers that the revival of the camera system will not result in false readings and improperly issued tickets as they did previously. Additional new cameras will also be installed throughout the city.

Mayor Pugh made the decision to reinstate use of the cameras as a means to collect $5 million in revenue for the City budget. The Mayor also cites driver safety as another reason for bringing the cameras back.

The new camera program is expected to launch in late April or early May. Drivers that receive citations during the first 30 days of the cameras being used will only receive a warning. After the 30 day period, tickets will be issued to drivers that go through red lights or speed. Anyone who does receive a ticket from one of these cameras does not have to worry about receiving points on their license because it is only considered a civil citation.

Many drivers in Baltimore City are probably used to never having to worry about being caught by red light cameras or speed cameras. But, this is going to change very soon and drivers should be aware.

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